Commando Crew Booking

We’ve been working closely with ex marine commando ( who’s also one of our ex grooms ) Stewart Harrison from “Out on a Limb”. He’s put together a number of outdoor activities from Bushcraft to Sport Specific Training – everything is outdoors to help invigorate you and promote wellness. So if you’d like to brush up on your survival skills or get fit for the ski season then Church Farm is the place for you and Stewart’s your man. Commando Crew is an exciting, fun and inspiring course over a number of hours (or overnight if you want to take advantage of “navigating by the stars” and campfire catering ) where you will learn skills that will stay with you for life. Heres the link to his website.

For more information call Stewart or Will
Stewart: 07968624870
Will: 07770 554555

I really enjoyed firelighting, since commando kids my dad let me make mini campfires in the garden. The den building was great as well as capture the flag. Will and Stewart were amazing, i loved almost all of the activities. My sister and I learned so much on the course, thank you for the awesome experience.

Finn- aged 10

I had a really good time when we were searching for the things to make our dens. I also really enjoyed it when we made the fires. I would have enjoyed it on its own but one thing that made it better was leaders Will and Stewart.

Martha aged 8