We are very lucky to have found this wonderful hut in a run-down state about three years ago. Known as ‘living van’ it was used as accommodation for workers travelling with a steam powered saw mill. Built near Derry Hill in the 1930s we know it has been pulled behind a traction engine all the way to Kent and back at 3 miles at hour!

Named Clover, she has now found a peaceful home in the Willow Meadow. Scrubbed, painted and furnished, Clover provides charming traditional accommodation for Brides and Grooms, wedding guests or a couple on holiday looking for something different and very special. Inside there is a settee which turns into a double bed, as well as a bench seat, table and chair. A few simple turned wooden pegs and small corner cupboard provide storage. She has her own fire pit for BBQs, keeping warm and the essential marshmallows!

T30 metres across the Willow Meadow there is a new communal composting loo, gas shower and spacious covered area to provide some shelter from the elements while preparing food or washing up.