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Wedding license - Can we get married at Church Farm?
Church Farm is a reception venue only although there is a choice of local venues for the marriage service before you and your guests come to Church Farm for the reception.
Can we have a blessing at church farm?
Yes, we have numerous beautiful locations for you to choose from.
What if it rains?
An all-weather service track ensures the marquee lorries, catering vans and loos can get to their positions without any problem. This has been tried and tested and we have found that Church Farm events go ahead regardless of the weather.

Your guests walk from the cars park to the marquee along a mown path – we provide umbrellas and your marquee company will supply wet weather matting to the door with prior arrangement if the forecast is poor.

How many weddings to you hold a year?
By putting a limit on the number of receptions we hold ensures our neighbours are not disturbed and preserves the natural beauty of the meadow.  This also ensures each wedding is relaxed, unhurried and very special.
Where would the reception be?
In the stunning natural meadow. We provide a list of recommended marquee and catering companies who provide a wide range of styles and prices to suit all budgets.
How many guests can we invite?
We can accommodate up to 200 guests.  (The average wedding at Church Farm is 90 – 180)
Does Church Farm have its own marquee?
No, you choose the style of marquee from our list of recommended suppliers.  This list includes giant tepees, rope and pole, circus and sperry tents.
What does the hire fee include?
Link here
How do I book?
Do you recommend wedding insurance?
Church Farm has full public liability insurance and please confirm your suppliers are also fully covered.  However for peace of mind it is essential that you get wedding insurance.
Do you have parking?
Yes, we have a grass car park for 60 cars and hard standing for a further 10.  Also on-road parking by the Common if needed.  Should your guests arrive by taxi, minibus or bus,  staff ensure all are directed and welcomed.
Can we park overnight?
Yes we are more than happy for guests to leave cars here overnight. This would be entirely at their own risk and we ask that they are collected by midday the following day. The car park is fenced and gate secured at night.
Can you help our elderly guests who cannot walk easily?
Yes, we have a utility vehicle and driver to greet guests who are unable to walk easily to the marquee, blessing area or garden and they will be given the driver’s mobile number to call when they wish to return to their cars. This vehicle also buzzes around during the set-up moving flowers, champagne, cakes, decorations and campers with their tents.
Can we have live music in the meadow?
Yes, we supply a top of the range d & b system which has directional sound and complete PA system. Our sound engineer Danny Kitainik of Serenity Audio will work with you to ensure there are the correct connections for the band or ipod in place. He can also supply a range of lighting systems on request. We do have to be careful as church farm is in the middle of the village and we need to comply with the County Council’s strictly enforced regulations.
Do you have extras to hire?
Yes, numerous items are for hire – fire pits, garden games, blankets, bunting, vintage bicycles etc. Please request the latest list. Create link or pdf to print off this list.
May we use the garden for photographs?
Yes – you are very welcome. You may choose to use the garden for tea, cutting the cake and speeches.
Can we supply our own alcohol?
Yes. To be served by your caterers or bar company – any corkage charges for glass hire and service is to be decided between you and them.
What about the loos?
The loos are a very smart event loos which arrive just for your wedding. They are organised either by your marquee company or Church Farm. Loos with disabled access can be arranged. We supply a quote once the number of guests you expect is confirmed.
What about power?
We have installed power to the marquee area which will supply power for your caterer, lighting, band etc. We also have a stand-by generator as back up in the unlikely event of a power cut.
Can we have fireworks, Chinese lanterns and candles?
I am afraid fireworks and Chinese lanterns are not permitted at Church Farm due to our proximity to farmland. Candles are permitted as long as they are in heatproof containers. As the evening gets dark you will find our lanterns have been placed along the paths making the meadow look even more magical and these light the way from the marquee to the campsite and the car park. We also light one large fire pit for you at no extra charge as our wedding present to you. If you want more than one fire pit we have more available for hire.
What time do we have to finish?
11.30pm is the latest that we are allowed to play any music.
Are there plenty of places to stay nearby?
Yes – see accommodation section on our Recommended Suppliers list for a choice of places to stay both at Church Farm and nearby.
Who cleans up?
Your caterer and bar company should be made aware that they are responsible for taking away all their equipment and rubbish on the night leaving just the items supplied by you. These need to be removed from Church Farm before the marquee comes down. With family and friends this can be done very quickly. Alternatively we can arrange for the cleaning-up to be done for you at an hourly rate.
What happens to the rubbish?
Remember – your caterer and bar company should have taken all their rubbish and will need to be reminded of this frequently. However there is always some rubbish left in the morning.
You have two options:

(i) Church Farm can get quotes for a mini skip to be here to make everything very easy for you.

(ii) You can take the rubbish and bottles to the recycling centre which is only 3 miles away and is open on Sunday morning. We give you all the help we can with bags and bins and a vehicle to carry items to the cars.

Where can I find waitresses?
Caterers usually like to bring their own team of waiting staff and they are essential to keep the event beautiful and running smoothly. Completely DIY catering is rarely a good idea and requires careful consideration and discussion with Church Farm.
What time does the meadow have to be clear?
We aim for everything to be tidied up by1pm on Sunday ( then we can have a lazy afternoon with the papers)
Can we order breakfast at church farm?
Yes, camping is charged per person including breakfast. In the morning a continental breakfast is brought to the Willow Acre or marquee at about 8am. A selection of teas, real coffee, croissants, Danish pastries, fresh fruit, yoghurts and fruit juice and water. for large numbers or a cooked breakfast we can recommend a caterer.
How many people can camp?
There is easily room for up to 50 campers depending on tent size. If you require more space we will find it for you. The number of campers and any special dietary requirements needs to be confirmed with Kate before the wedding.
Can we bring our dog?
Yes, a beautifully behaved dog is very welcome but please be aware that it needs to be under control at all times and someone is responsible for cleaning up after it.
What flowers will be in season?
We make sure the garden borders provide a lovely backdrop throughout the wedding season. The meadow is less predictable as Mother Nature is in charge but it is always lovely.
Are there changing facilities for babies?
If it has not been booked by two of your guests one of the shepherds huts is perfectly positioned as a baby changing room. If not available your marquee company will provide a tiny tent and you can choose where you would like it positioned.